Self-driving cars are the natural extension of active safety and obviously something we should do.

elon Musk

According to BMW, the development of the current car towards an autonomous car will take place in 5 phases

1. Driver Assistance
2. Partly Automated Driving
3. Highly Automated Driving
4. Fully Automated Driving
5. Full Automation (No driver!)

We are still in the first phase and for several functions in the second phase. The rest still is R&D.

The trend is for more and more functions in the car to be automated and digitized.
Partly in Phase 2 but certainly in phase 3, there is a requirement for fast interaction with the environment, which becomes even more intense in phases 4 and 5.
At this moment the energy consumption of the automated functions for a car is not yet a problem, this will increase considerably as we enter a further phase. As we move on to the next phase, the performance requirements will increase exponentially and the issue of heat dissipation and energy will play a more important role.
Cool Optics’ technology can help to address this issue.