How it started

Our vision

Cool Optics was founded by Pieter van Leeuwen as a result of the EU project ADDAPT (“Adaptive Data and Power Aware Transceivers for Optical Communications”). This project was completed by the end of 2017 and resulted in a prototype of a high performance and energy efficient transceiver. As one of the participants Pieter was convinced that much more efficiency could be gained by developing a solution in the preceding part of the data communication chain (e.g. the Network Stack). Based on that concept a feasibility study was conducted in 2018 showing a positive result. A simulation model was developed together with our partner AIMValley

In an article in Nature “How to stop datacenters from eating up the world’s electricity”, Huawei stated that the global ICT sector could be responsible for 21% of all energy production by 2030.  This will seriously limit the growth of ICT in the long run, and put an extra threat to CO2 emission volumes.  This growth is mainly due to data storage and data traffic which is estimated 35% per year.

Similarly, Cisco sees an explosion in data traffic due to new applications like automotive, and M2M.

Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016–2021 White Paper

This  means  there will be an enormous challenge in the field of performance improvement and as a consequence also on  energy management. Increased demands on performance will also put  an even greater challenge on latency.

Cisco also claims that 45% of the network expenditure will be on optical connectivity.

Source: 2015 Intel market model based in part on Dell’Oro, Crehanand Lightcounting2015 reports

Based on those facts, Cool Optics primarily focuses on data traffic within the data center. We believe that we hold there an important key to meet the challenges mentioned earlier.

Our mission is  to reduce energy consumption in the network stack without scarifying performance.

Our team

Our skills

Pieter van Leeuwen. MSc TU/e EE. Performed several management~ and product-development roles in high tech organizations such as Philips, NXP, Bosch, TE Connectivity.

Sjaak de Blauwe. MBA Erasmus University Rotterdam. Performed Management Roles in Product-Management and Marketing in high tech organizations like Philips and Atos Origin .

New Hire. High skilled designer in ASIC /FPGA development.

Partner AIM Valley brings years of experience in telecommunications and complex system development, hardware design, ASIC/FPGA and embedded software development


I write on behalf of Green IT Amsterdam, targeting the energy transition for IT in the Amsterdam region. Our mission is to scout, test and showcase innovative IT solutions for increasing energy efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions. The consortium now consists of  around 40 leading organizations on sustainable IT infrastructures in various sectors including IT, engineering and energy.  We believe Cool Optics will contribute to this energy transition with its proposal.

Stijn Grove

Managing Director

Dutch Data Center Association

I write on behalf of PhotonDelta. The PhotonDelta is a European business innovation hub founded by the TU/e Institute for Photonic Integration. We are recognized as one of Europe’s leading innovation hubs, amplifying existing initiatives and kick-starting new ones. It actively links top-class research and development to best business practice.

We believe Cool Optics will contribute to a Carbon Footprint Reduction with its proposal to the H2020 SME Instrument Organization, for a grant to fund the EMDAC project to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission related to the operation of Data Centers.

Ewit Roos

Managing Director PhotonDelta

I write on behalf of Cottonwood Technology Fund. Cottonwood Technology Funds (CTF) are seed and pre-seed-stage technology commercialization funds with offices in New Mexico, USA and Enschede, The Netherlands. CTF’s Northern European region includes Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. This area is rich in innovation centers and home to numerous multinational corporations including Thales, Shell, Philips, KPN, Robert Bosch, KLM, and Sabic. The region’s innovation areas of expertise are similar to those of the Southwestern US, making it compatible with our network and existing portfolio focus areas. We believe Cool Optics will have great potential with its proposal

Alain le Loux MSc. MBA

Partner Cottonwood Technology Fund

I write on behalf of PrimeTel, the leading private telecom provider in Cyprus, acting as a hub to the middle east, and with an international and national network based on next-generation fiber optics.  My role is director of PrimeTel’s Research and Development department, composing PrimeTel’s ongoing effort to provide state-of-the-art technology services to its customer’s constantly increasing base, both through in-house development as well as through strategic partnerships with international and national leading academic institutions, top research centers and strong industrial partners. We support the Cool Optics proposal.

Dr.Micheal Georgiades

R&D Manager