Cool Optics at ECS conference in Brussels 2019

Challenges and objectives

The ADENCO project addresses the problem of energy consumption in data communication and the heat dissipation problems in relevant IC’s.

Despite all of the energy reduction solutions that the industry has developed, energy consumption in data centres still grows at 4%/ year. This increase is mainly driven by the explosive growth of data communication at a speed of 30% /year. One of the main drivers is Mobile communication. Despite the increased energy efficiency of the future 5G mobile operations, and an increase of battery capacity of 4%/year, energy consumption in the whole chain will still be an issue (Blume 2010) . A complete set of complementary measures will be needed to meet that challenge.

Another important problem is the fact that both market demand for more IC performance and the trend towards miniaturisation, are hampered by the energy consumption of the ICs. The current solution is to compensate heat production with cooling power, however, Cool Optics follows a different path and developed the “Adaptive Energy Control” solution which reduces the need for additional cooling appliances.

Technical goals

  • Managing load depending energy consumption in the data stack
    in a controlled way;
    Without introducing additional latency;
    Without disrupting the standard.
  • Achieving up to 60% energy savings in the data stack and as a result significantly bringing down heat production in the relevant IC’s.

Expected impact

  • Significantly Improved energy efficiency of the relevant network IC’s
  • Reduced heat problems of High Performance IC’s in that area.
  • Customized implementation without disrupting the standard.
  • Following speed demands in this market.