Name Presenting Project for ‘European Photonics Venture Forum 2018’ by Cool Optics for Signup with ID 2395366
Headline Cool-Optics’ approach to lean (optical) datacommunication
Datacommunication solution consisting of: IP to control Ethernet (infiniband, fiberchannel,..) chips such that very low energy consumption (<10 mW/Gbps) is achieved by switching on/off during idles (licensing)This IP built in in own Ethernet (Infiniband, fiberchannel, ..) chips optimized for very low energy consumption (own product)Special transceiver 50 Gbps at <1 mW/Gbps by switching on/off during idles.Energy management software to set priorities by network manager, and for optimizing for the traffic patterns during the day
Product/Technology Tags
Photonics, 13 nm CMOS, extremely fast synchronizing Clock Data Recovery, embedding in Ethernet (infiniband,..) protocol IP
Competitive Position and Advantage
Cool user needs: Lower Energy Consumption, Reduction of carbon footprint. Higher density Backplane. Higher Packaging. This is often articulated by the large Datacenter operators such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft.
main economic benefits and USP: Lower operational costs and lower investments in Power and Cooling equipment. USP of this solution is: Load Aware Energy management.
The novelty of Cool Optic’s product offering is its focus on load aware energy management of the data-communication devices, while respecting the latency requirements of modern network operation. This product offering will provide a 8x better energy savings and a 10x better latency compared to Energy Efficient Ethernet solutions. Moreover, this balance can be further improved as a function of the network load over the day, taking into account the changing network statistics. The technology itself is innovative, because it uses the idles in the communication to even stop the optical network, and yet it is faster and more energy efficient than the classical Energy Efficient Ethernet protocols.
Business model
License model at start.

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